Ava (kusumanjali) wrote,

College students are...interesting.

Why are my friends so crazy now that they have been to college?

I hope I don't end up like them. I mean their grades are great and everything. I just don't want to be addicted to smoking or drinking. I know they are. When I hang out with them we have fun but they are always smoking and offering me to smoke with them. I don't want to, but they are having so much fun. I know if I even try it, one I will feel sick, and two I will become get addicted. I don't want that to happen to me. At the same time I want to be doing everything with them. So it sucks, its not like they are intentionally pressuring me. Although one of my friends keeps telling me I have to go out drinking with her... I really don't feel compatible doing that. I was just like yeah... ok... (I just hope she never gets that chance while I'm around.)

So, yesterday night(around 11 when we left), I was with two of my friends--Caitlin and Kimmy. We had to stop to get cigarettets for Caitlin and Kimmy said she only smokes clove cigarettes because they are flavored and 'taste better'. Even though she smoked one of Caitlins cigarettets when offered. Kimmy smokes pot occasionaly, which I really don't have a problem with. I'm not even exactly sure why that is even illegal. I think smoking is worse. Anyway we drove around a little then stopped at a Wendys that happened to have a little area outside to sit. We stayed there for about 2 hours talking about storys from their colleges etc(we also were yelling at people as they walked/drove by, was really funny! Except we thought this one guy might have had a gun... and he almost stopped and turned around when Kimmy semi-yelled "shoot me"). Kimmy is a sweet heart though, probably one of the nicest people I know. She always has a smile on her face and is very positive. It's always fun when we hang out with her.

The only thing is Caitlin is here for all of the summer. I know she is going to try to make me do somthing with her. I should maybe stop hanging out with her. I don't want to do that though. I've known here since I was 4.

I guess I will see what the future holds.
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